Thursday, June 19, 2008

It came it came it came!

Here I thought ol' Popoff had given up on me because I hadn't sown any sacrificial seeds (in the form of written checks). But the moldavite pendant He Promised Me so long ago finally arrived! Sure, the stone itself is smaller than a mustard seed and the clasp is broken and won't close so the chain is useless, but i got it! It also came with a miracle. He didn't ask for money! There was an envelope inside, but no suggestions that I should send a check in the amount of anything at all. Can you believe it?

He says there are some secret faith additives on the way that I need to use in conjunction with the powerfully annointed moldavite stone. Hmm, whatever.

All I really wanted out of this whole thing was my own piece of moldavite, however small. So, unless he sends me some really remarkable faith additives, I guess I'm done blogging Popoff.


Michelle said...

Sometimes reality is so surreal..

BTW, I haven't figured out the burn thingy (to take the place of feedblitz) yet, so I'm afraid you might be stuck with old news for the moment.

Old news is better than no news? lol

Genie said...

Michelle, I can live with old news, I missed most of those anyway!