Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

My little bro and his lovely wife took me to the Rainforest Conservatory at the
Fort Worth Botanic Garden. Woot! It's one of my favorite places in Texas!

I was absolutely fascinated by the mist in the conservatory. It makes the place seem downright magical. At least visually, but if you forget about the plants, it's exactly like being in a well-lit sauna. I kept having to wipe the fog from my camera lens and more than one pesky drop of water splatted smack into my eyeball when I looked up.

Reflections on the "river" inside the conservatory.

This is one of my favorite shots. She looked like a little ghost fish the way she dissolved into the murk and the algae growing on glass between us.

The Chenille Plant! A.K.A. Red-Hot Cattail.

See the rest of the Botanic Garden shoot here: The Whole Enchilada.

Here's the greeter at the vegan Spiral Diner in Fort Worth. Bry and Suez treated me to a lunch of garbanzo bean dip and corn chips and some grilled tofu. I desperately wanted to try their desserts, the cookies looked to die for, but my belly was full of garbanzoness and I couldn't eat another carb. However, I'd have happily made room for a rare rib-eye dripping in butter.

And for no particular reason at all, here's some shots of the view from the plane as I flew out of Dallas. The Houston shots came out too dark. And I didn't get a window seat on the Del Rio flight, le Sigh.


Kim and Victoria said...

Love that first fern shot. Looks like a great place to visit.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Wow!! I love them all, but the top 2 of the leaves are my absolute favorites!

Photographer In Training said...

Thanks Victoria, thanks Jean! The ferns were awesome, all of them were way above my head. Being UNDER a fern is rather interesting!

Yep, Victoria, it's a flower gardener's dream come true. The first time I went was with a friend of mine a couple of years ago. We both came out with yellow noses--we each stuck our nose in every flower we could reach.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous Photos!

I love them all, especially the fish and the misty ones.

BTW Genie, I have no idea why feedblitz is snding out old posts from my blog. I've gone through their convoluted setting twice and still can't figure out why it's doing that.

I might go hunting and see if I can find a better (saner) service than feedblitz!