Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Queens Have Arrived in Brackettville, Texas!

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Above: What I intended to do this afternoon was shoot the Queen's Wreath vine on this fence on our main street. I could see the Sulphurs and Snouts flying all around the vine from across the street. Although I hardly need more pix of Sulphurs and Snouts, I decided to get closer and shoot a few anyway. When I got up to the vine, I couldn't believe my eyes. Hundreds of Queen butterflies were fluttering all over the vine! I was fooled for about 24 hours, I thought the Monarchs were here. I was so bummed to find out I was mistaken. Yet... the Queens are gorgeous!

Above: I don't know what that bluish gray butterfly is. I know it's a kind of swallowtail, but that's it. I never even noticed him. He was a nice surprise when I was viewing the photos on my puter. Wish I'd have shot him full on!

I spent several hours tonight just making room on my computer for all the butterfly photos I shot today. So I'm out of time and energy to edit the rest. The photos you see here are just a sample of what's to come. Although some these were my favorites.

Above: I was testing out my new UV filter and while I don't hate it, it did make a lot of these shots grainy. Lesson learned, don't shoot shadows at all with the UV lens in place no matter how bright the sun is.

To see more, Click Here. As of right now, I only have the unedited shots uploaded to Photobucket. It will be a while before I get them all edited.


Jean Levert Hood said...

they are sooooooooo awesome, Genie! Beautiful shots!!

Patsi said...

What a great find !!
Lucy you.
Sorry, when I read 655 photos I had to giggle.

Yes, that is some kind of swallowtail.
But what are the yellow ones?


Genie said...

Sorry, Patsi, I didn't know I hadn't replied to your comment. Speaking of which, thanks for the comment!

The yellow ones are Sulphurs.

Thank you Jean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!