Saturday, September 20, 2008

Boys will be boys.

Since having our pastures cleared, we've had enormous piles of brush and trees piled all over the property. Conditions were just right in the last two days for us to safely burn it.

Bigger is better, click 'em yourself and see!

Below: It was a beautiful moonrise and I drove myself crazy trying to incorporate it into the fire photos. Unfortunately, this was my best shot of the moon and fire. Gotta get that teleconverter lens!

Below: Hubby Wes touches off a brush pile with a drip torch.

Below: Wes, his nephew Travis, and Travis' friend Justin help out with the burning.

Below: It was getting late, the guys were getting goofy. I'm sending this photo of Travis flashing himself to his Mom.

Below: Texas men don't need torches, they just need enough cold beer to fill their bladders.

Below: Wes indulged me by posing and making gorilla sounds a la Tim Allen.

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Jean Levert Hood said...

Just read your last 4 posts, Genie! Your shots are so awesome! Those butterfly close ups are great. I love those pink flowers, even though I never know what they are.

Perhaps "a la Tim Allen" is the best!!

Genie said...

Hi Jean!!!!!!!!

Thank you! Those pink flowers are so crazy, I need to go shoot the ones near the bakery before they die. They're amazing.

I like the Tim Allen one best too.