Saturday, July 5, 2008

I know I said I wasn't gonna...

....but this was just too rich. And my camera is miles away being repaired so it's just me and my scanner.

You know the little paper slippers hospital staff wear in operation rooms and wherever they need to keep things even cleaner than usual? I got one in the mail today from Peter Popoff. He calls it a "faith slipper." I'm supposed to put it on my right foot and stand on the bible and utter a confession about how God's word is true and all others (he doesn't say what others) are liars, how prosperous I shall be in all areas of my life, how I'll be releasing the "millionaire potential" in my life, and a bunch of other bother.

By they way, you can buy your own Christian Winner medal at Oriental Trading. I had a feeling that's where Popoff ordered them and, sure enough, I found them there.

Does God really need these spells and rituals?

I swear this stuff sounds ever more like hybridized (tribridized?) New Age "Law of Attraction" stuff, Wicca, and only the tiniest bit of Christianity. He even brings up numerology without saying the word numerology, I'm serious! "The number 8 itself represents new beginnings." That's what he says! Silly man, everybody knows that 8 represent success in numerology. He must be using that alternative Pentacostal numerology or something.

There are plenty of warnings and admonishments about obedience regarding the sowing seeds for $22 and $33. I won't drag you through them.

How do you like the "Winner" ribbon? It's a bit much, don't you think? But, wait, it gets better. I'm to wear it overnight then mail it back to him so he can throw it into the sea in the Holy Land just like the golden Coin Was Placed In The Mouth Of The Fish to pay the debts of the apostle Peter as the "Spirit of Lack" attacked him. It's a shame Popoff doesn't read his own bible. According to the bible (click the linky), no coin was placed in the fish's mouth and there were no debts to be paid, per se, it was simply a temple tax.

Jesus instructed Peter to go fishing and told him he'd find a coin in a fish's mouth that would cover the tax Jesus felt it would be wise to pay while they were in Capernaum. So, a coin was taken from a fish's mouth, not placed in one.

I don't see how polluting a sea with a bunch of cheap red, white, and blue ribbons is going to make God want to send me money. And I seriously doubt that Palestinians, Israelis, and everyone else along the Mediterranean coastline would appreciate the dumping of thousands of plastic "Christian Winner" coins in their sea. Which makes me wonder, how DOES Popoff dispose of all this junk that people mail back to him?

I'll save all this stuff and sell it as a "Peter Popoff junkmail lot" on Ebay in ten years. I wonder if he makes lunchboxes!


Jean Levert Hood said...

But I'm glad you did. This is so unbelievable. This man is so far from "Christian" sounding! Paper slippers? You must keep us informed. I cannot possibly think what may be next.

Where does the stuff go that you send back? I'd like to see his trash can.......

Genie said...

Hey, Jean, I deleted that comment because I FOUND THE MEDAL! The exact medal. And it WAS at Oriental Trading Company!

Jean Levert Hood said...

good grief. He has no shame.

DreamDoc said...

The sad thing is that there are sweet and good people out there (albeit naive) who believe this stuff and are swindled by this guy. I want to stick out my finger and tsk tsk him.

Genie said...

Doc, I just want to throttle him. How do people like him sleep at night?

Michelle said...

I got as far as the "stand on the bible" and was laughing too much to read further.

Surreal!! :-D

Hey, how are you? I've been gone with computer woes. see you have a new camera? I think I owe you some relies on my blog, but I'm so far behind on everything - including fixing that stupid blog feed! It sent me father's day yesterday. Umm... a month late? geez!

Genie said...

Michelle, I don't mind the late bulletins, I think I told you it reminds me to come see what you've published!!!! I keep forgetting to look at your other blogs. I fully intend to though!