Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sow a seed for just $27!

"Your Annointed Prophet Peter Popoff" sent me a chip of moldavite. Heard of it? Many of the spiritual gurus are swearing it has all kinds of woo woo power. It's supposed to be powerful stuff. Being a lover of crystals and rocks myself, I've been wanting a hunk for ages. It's really expensive though. But my desires are already coming to pass as evidenced by my Prophet sending me a chip of moldavite! You can barely even tell that it's green. I had to digitally enhance the photo above so that you could see the green and, in fact, most of the green was created (not revealed) by the editing. That's a dime on the right..

Here is what the gurus say about Moldavite. And here is what science has to say about it. Moldavite is believed to have been formed by the "Ries impact event" in Germany and the stone has only ever been found at that impact site. If this is true, than all moldavite is over 14 million years old.

The following are scanned images from the letter enclosed with my Faith Additive. Just click on them to enlarge them. If they won't enlarge and you really want to see a larger image, just click here.

The moldavite pendant above is mine if I'll return the little chip of moldavite that my Prophet sent me in the mail. That's his thing. He mails you something, you mail it back in an envelope (preferably with a check) and he mails you something else. Perhaps this is intended to connect me more deeply with the Prophet.

Yes, yes, quick before you realize how stupid all of this sounds!

Holy Blessings, Batman, it's an ANNOINTED chip of moldavite. Woot! Must watch out for those side effects though. I wonder if all the sweating and flushing is from the MSG that is used as a preservative in this Faith Additive.

If I can't "sow a seed" of $27, that's okay, $22 would be acceptable. But if that doesn't work either, I can go ahead and send another amount. But if I am not obedient, His blessings may suddenly stop. Gotta love the undconditional love of "my" prophet and my God.

Above is the chip back in its baggy ready to be mailed back to the Propeht (sans $27, $22, or Other). There's a little request on it to please use a stamp so as to "save the work of God money" but it's okay if I don't have a stamp, my Prophet will handle the postage.

According to the letter I was supposed to send the chip back IMMEDIATELY but I didn't. Hope they're not all out of annointed moldavite pendants. Then I won't have any moldavite at all. le Sigh.


Anonymous said...

u r 2 funny!!! ienjoyed reading ur responses. hope the moldivite brings u whatever you need it it 2, if u get another 1 in the mail that is. ;)

Ann from cold, windy, & often snow covered ohio...sigh

Genie said...

I can't imagine life with snow, not really. It's such a rare occurance here. Mostly we have balmy winters and blistering summers.

Thanks for stopping by!

Kim and Victoria said...

You realize what trouble you're in, right? NO money? I'm thinking you're going to get the "bright red face" and NOT the "rapid miracle transformation and positive miracle changes", Genie!

Photographer In Training said...

I am kind of hot and sweaty at the moment. I thought it was just the tea I was drinking but.....

Bob Johnson said...

Lol, too funny, thanks for the links and the heads up, you know you can get some cool actual real moldivite fairly cheap and they won't ask for anything in return,link below


Genie said...

I'm too broke to buy a hunk of moldavite right now but thank you for the link Bob!!! I went and salivated over the specimens!