Saturday, April 12, 2008


This image, when you click on it, goes from pale lavendar to pale lavendar on a white background. The pale lavender and white image appears to move and slide across the screen. The following images are all MUCH more interesting to look at when the images are enlarged, just click 'em and see for yourself.

To me, the next one ripples and breathes. It's hard to appreciate it though if you don't click and enlarge it.

The next one almost looks like it's breathing gently, or, perhaps, it's as if it is a hanging curtain and some person behind it is just gently running a hand back and forth behind it to animate it. And, then, if I look at it another way it's as if a large center portion of it has decided to make its way over to the right side of the panel.

I got these at Quantum

I love these images as a visual aide to hypnosis and think someone ought to figure out how they can be projected onto a wall or ceiling to help induce sleep. Wonder if you can buy slides of hypnotic gifs?

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Kim and Victoria said...

Great images. I really enjoyed looking at them.