Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blackbrush and Huisache on Tularosa Road

The orange is the huisache and the yellow is the blackbrush. I love when these two shrubs bloom, they are very fragrant. To me, they smell sweet. It was a nice, overcast day--my favorite kind of day to shoot so out I went to 277 south of town hoping to walk along Pinto or Val Verde creek (or whatever it's called) but, alas, they were fenced off and I couldn't. I've GOT to find out who own properties along creeks here and get permission to shoot out on their ranches! I turned back towards town and went north instead feeling confident that there would at least be something blooming on Tularosa.

A few more are here.

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Kim and Victoria said...

Nice pics. Fragrance seems so important, especially in the spring.