Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Miraculous Form -- More from The Prophet Peter Popoff

Dear Genie, For many months the Holy Spirit has been prompting me to go to Patmos, the island where God spoke to the Apostle John. While I was examining the huge rock that actually cracked into three pieces as God began to speak, something unusual happened. I drifted into a trance-like state.

Stuff happened, there was lightning, wind, and speaking in tongues

In the sand close to the cave entrance, I noticed that the wind had blown or formed the sand into an unusual "miraculous form."

Then he goes on to talk about who knows what, it's quite dull but involves terms like, "invisible force," "vicious spiritual warfare," and "reassuring presence." Several pages later you get shown the following image:

Concentrate on the "miraculous form" for 30 seconds, starting at the 4 small vertically aligned dots in the center. Then look at a wall and blink three times very quickly. When you do this, you'll see something very like the image below, which is the inverted image of the "miraculous form" above.

Once you see Jesus, you are to place your hand on the "miraculous form" and it will pick up your personal vibrations. You write down the exact date and time you saw Jesus and mail the image back to Popoff, now charged with your personal vibrations, with your "urgent request form" and he'll take it into his war room of prayer and place it on the Altar of Intercession where he will break the chains of hindrance that have held back the fulfillment of your secret wishes. Oh, and yes, he has been led to ask for a seed gift of $15 but if that's impossible, and you can in no way do that... sow a seed for at least $10.00. You can't come before God with empty hands. Now return this page, the "miraculous form" and your sacrificial seed gift to me TODAY.

The first time I ever saw the Jesus optical illusion was probably in a forwarded email full of several different kinds of optical illusions. There are many many many places online where you can find the "miraculous form." Just Google "optical illusion+Jesus" and you'll get 147,000 hits.

Also included in this mailing is a photo of Popoff in the cave on the Isle of Patmos--no photo of the miraculous form included. The power of this sacred place is so great that even this photograph can bring blessings to you. Please use it as a focal point during prayer. You will be amazed by the results. Um, excuse me, did Popoff pretty much just ask me to pray to him or worship him? Why, I think that's exactly what he just did!

There's yet more in this letter, a second letter in fact. Although I am not supposed to open it until 7 days after mailing the "miraculous form" back. It contains these construction paper Golden Prosperity Bracelets, saturated with an awesome prosperity anointing, that will serve as our contact point.

The anointing that goes with these bracelets, if you send a $33 seed gift and one of the bracelets back, promise that You will also discover your hidden gifts and abilities. No one will be able to fool you again. Kind of shooting himself in the foot, isn't he?

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