Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Three Envelopes, Three Promises

"I MUST HEAR FROM YOU NOW. Genie, I must have the GREEN BRACELET back for my first 7 days of prayer and fasting... after you wear it TONIGHT ONLY... so you can see an abundant harvest during the rest of this year... enclose your sacrifice of $33." That is EXACTLY how it appears in the letter minus some underscoring because Blogger doesn't have that feature on it's editing toolbar.

".. if you can only send $22, you can send the rest during the next 14 days..." All the "..." are his, I'm not adding them for some kind of dramatic effect.

He advises me to read the following "prayerfully," "I saw Genie Robinson scrawled on a piece of paper. . . it looked so ominous [I know, I can be more than a little overbearing]. . . and a target was drawn around your name . . . God showed me that satan has TARGETED YOUR FINANCES [oh, that's what the problem has been! Damn that Satan!]. He has put a contract for a hit out on you . . . but . . . through these anointed words and your obedience [meaning a check or money order] we are about to release the ENFORCER, the Holy Ghost."

"In Jesus name, read on as God reveals to you the greatest Devil Destroying attack since Bible times."

"Yes, not one person in the Bible received a Miracle without first cooperating and doing their part." Funny, I don't remember anyone writing Jesus a check in the new testament.

As soon as he gets the red one back, "I'll enter my prayer chamber for 7 days." Hmm, maybe I should at least send the red one back. Seven days in a "secret prayer chamber" might do this guy some good.


Jean Levert Hood said...

This guy is just unbelievable in the lengths he goes to!!!!!

Genie said...

I'm waiting to start getting threats from him, you know? "Sister Robinson, I can't be responsible for what might happen if you aren't obedient. God has been calling to you for your help and you have been ignoring Him. Don't give satan more strength, be obedient, your salvation is dependent upon it!"

Michelle said...

awww, all I ever get is Nigerian Princesses and the widows of weird unknown dictators who want me to get their millions out of a Swiss Bank account.

This guy's much more inventive... and creepier too!

Genie said...

Hi Michelle--I think my Gmail has finally learned to filter those Nigerian Princess emails out of my inbox. Like a dummy, I signed right up for this guy's garbage snail mail. It just seemed to outrageous, I had to see it for myself!

Thanks for stopping by!

Michelle said...

You signed up for the fun of it? LOL You're a brave woman, Genie.