Sunday, June 1, 2008

My camera is on the fritz

Whatever The Fritz Is, that's the situation. I'm really, deeply bummed about it. I can't have it repaired again right now, maybe in a few months. This sucks. I'm glad it's summer, it's too hot to really shoot anything right now.


Jean Levert Hood said...

nooooo Genie!!

Michelle said...

Oh heck! :-(

The guts literally fell out my camera six years ago... as I was photographing flowers my hubby-to-be had sent me for Valentine's day.

I've been camera-less until last year when hubby boiught me one of those cell phones with camera. Now I'm addicted!

Hey, want to know something incredibly dumb and funny? I didn't realise you (photographer in training" were the same genie as tarot reader.

DUHHH me! :-P

AND... I didn't know you had Chronic Lyme disease either. :-(

Genie said...

No worries, Michelle, I don't expect people to remember my various online identities! I'm just so glad you finally got that widget on your page, woot!

I have a cell phone camera but no way to upload photos from it. I'll get my camera repaired eventually. Hopefully in the next couple of months. They did a bang up job fixing it last time--I imagine they'll fix it just as well this time.