Saturday, October 11, 2008

Part III -- The many butterflies on Pinto Creek near Brackettville

I'm too tired to type in all the names of the individual butterflies you see here, but you can look down my sidebar to see what they are--I've identified nearly every butterfly I've shot in my sidebar.

Below: The Zebra made an appearance again! This is all it would let me catch though. I found him in exactly the same spot on the farm that I found yesterday's Zebra on, which is a spot of flowers in shade very close to the water. Makes me wonder if the Zerbra doesn't like water more than most butterflies. Most of the other butterflies preferred other spots along the creek.

Above: It's driving me nuts trying to figure out what this butterfly's wings look like. It reminds me of some kind of candy (I can't remember what it could have been though), maybe something I used to get when I was a kid in Eagle Pass. But that was the early 70's so maybe the pattern and color just reminds of me the style that was popular then?

Above and Below: I don't have a single good shot of a Monarch with it's wings open (yet). The one above was a long shot I took of several clumping butterflies and this one was flying in to join them. It was very dark and the resolution is poor, I had to do a lot of editing to brighten it up. Imagine what I could have done with a tele-converter! Oh how I wish! Below, the sheer weight of them pulls the flowers and grasses they land on right down, makes it hard to shoot them full on with their wings open.

All of the 10-11-08 Monarch Migration and Pinto Farm Pix can be seen HERE.


Dark Love said...

Butterflies are SO photogenic! I love your pictures! When I lived where there were a lot of butterflies, I could never enjoy them because my allergies are so bad in those environments (all that fine pollen). So I can just live in a the damp north-west coast and enjoy them from a distance thanks to your photography. :)

Texas Travelers said...

Great, Great photos.

You blog has developed in a fantastic nature and photo blog.

It's one of my favorites. Great shots of the butterflies. the Zebra is especially good.

Thanks for the recent visit,
Troy and Martha

Genie said...

Hi Love! Thank you so much! I'm sorry your allergies are a problem. Mine aren't fun but I can stand to be outside, I can't imagine being trapped inside because of allergies!

Thanks Travelers! I appreciate when you take time to come by since I admire your photography so much. Once the butterflies have moved on my blog will go back to odd photos again. I have been trying to make the most of our stupendous Fall weather and all the life and color that it seems to foster--our Falls are quite pleasant although still in the 80's--as you know!

Texas Travelers said...

I forgot to mention. The underside of the Gulf Fritillary reminds me of stained glass.

Patsi said...

I'm trying to decide which one I like the best...I can't.
They're all beautiful!!
You're so lucky to have so many different kinds of butterflies.

Genie said...

Thanks, Patsi, that's so kind. Our butterflies don't last forever, I'm enjoying them while I can!