Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yellow Schmellow

Ever tried to shoot a macro of a Monarch on a windy day? It looks a lot like this. Especially if you are using one hand to hold down the stem it's hanging onto so your camera can see the dang bug full on.

I wasn't out on Pinto Farm long before I started hating all the crazy yellow flowers that I've always been rather in love with. I started hating yellow in general. Then I started hating butterflies, swallowtails in particular for some reason. I didn't last long at all today.

Today was my third day out shooting them and it was just one day too many. I was worn out and when I get tired I get really cranky. It was cloudy today, which I generally love, but these Monarchs seem to like only shady spots. I was having a hard enough time as it was shooting them under the trees. But shooting in the shade on a cloudy day is a lot like shooting indoors. What a pain! Well, it is with my camera.

I was already grumpy enough but all I really wanted today was one good shot of a Monarch with his wings open. Is that so much to ask? I must get a tele-converter lens or figure out how to sneak up on a Monarch. I ignored the Monarchs clumped in the trees today, how many pix of Monarch clumps does one person a really need?

The whole lot of them can be seen HERE. Don't bother though, it's just more yellow flowers, more Pipevines, and more ornery Monarchs who don't want to come out into the light or spread their wings while I'm within decent shooting distance.


Dark Love said...

I don't mean to laugh at your frustration but I have to chuckle because you sound exactly like me! I get cranky the same way. And I like to take pictures of flowers (instead of butterflies, not many butterflies here). I have had those days where all I can find are the yellow asters and those weeds get old after a while.

Not all the butterfly pics turned out that off. I saw one or two neat ones.

BTW~the background on my computer is one of your butterfly pics. I love them!

Bob Johnson said...

Wow, you got some beautiful shots here, nicely done.

Genie said...

Thank you Dark Love! I bought a book on cutting and displaying weeds in the home, maybe I'll develop more of a love for what's out there when there aren't butterflies on it! I'm thrilled someone liked one of my photos enough to want to see it more than once!

Careful, Bob, I'm easily inflated! Thank you.

Kim and Victoria said...

Love your butterfly shots. Why is it that pics of them seem somehow uplifting?

Genie said...

Hi Victoria!

Nature's confetti! Yeah, they do lift the spirit with their color and energy. Even a die-hard bug hater like myself can't help but chase butterflies.