Saturday, October 11, 2008

Part II -- Brackettville Monarch Mosh

I had too many photos of clumping Monarchs and couldn't decide how to only show you one or two. It's so interesting the way they clump!

Below: I uploaded this Monarch clump photo in full size so, if you click it, the image will be HUGE but I wanted you to appreciate just how many Monarchs were in this tree. You can't see them all when the image is smaller. When I shot it I had no idea just how many Monarchs were up there. I was shocked when I was editing the photos tonight.

Below: They LOVED these dead leaves. They know, quite instinctively, just how well those dead leaves camouflage them. I'm not sure I'd have noticed them there if they weren't so skittish. These butterflies could see me coming from quite a distance. I hope I have a tele-converter lens by the next migration because I could be getting the most amazing Monarch shots if I had one!

All of the 10-11-08 Monarch Migration and Pinto Farm Pix can be seen HERE.


Mrs. Crose said...

Beautiful pictures!

Genie said...

Thank you, ma'am! Your whole family is so beautiful! Even your little fur dog!