Saturday, October 11, 2008

Part I -- Prelude to a Monarch

The Monarch Migration passes so quickly, I would have loved to have stayed home today to recover from yesterday, but they could be gone by tomorrow. They're only here a few days a year! But before I get to them, here's a few pix from the farm to start this trilogy off.

If you are in the mood to blow something up out of proportion, just click an image.

Below: We don't have the clouds of Monarchs this year that I've heard we've had in the past. Still, if you are in a shady spot near a creek and look up into the sky, you'll see the silhouettes of Monarchs flitting through the air.

Below: This was the only angle I could shoot the fungus from. The tree was growing on a steep slope and I couldn't walk down it--too slippery with dried leaves. Yes, dried leaves can be very slippery.

Below: I found some turkey feathers on Oak Road (my favorite spot on Pinto Farm) and remembered I could use the macro setting on something besides butterflies. Yes, I've been forgetting since the recent butterfly invasion.

Below: I detest spiders. They make my skin crawl. So I pretend that spiderwebs occur spontaneously in nature when I attempt to shoot them so I don't get too freaked out when something brushes my arm or falls in my hair.

All of the 10-11-08 Monarch Migration and Pinto Farm Pix can be seen HERE.

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