Friday, October 10, 2008

OTM's sighted in Brackettville

Here are some of the Other Than Monarchs I shot today. There's more of these and the Monarchs HERE.

Click to enlarge images.

Above and below, it's not a wasp, it's a moth! It's the Horantha Panthalon Texana aka Texas Wasp Moth.

Above and below, the Chlosyne Theona aka Theona Checkerspot.

Above and below: I've blogged about the Danaus Gillipus aka Queen Butterfly before. A few weeks ago I was convinced it was the Monarch--I got schooled on that!

Above: The Ailanthus Webworm Moth aka Atteva Punctella

Above: I saw a new flutterby today called Anthanassa [Phyciodes] Texana aka the Texan Crescent

Below: I wasn't going to blog this unremarkable moon shot but then I discovered that a few other photogs I know were out photographing this moon at the same time I was. So, being more of a follower than a leader, I decided I simply HAD to add my 10-8-08 moon shot!


Patsi said...

Wow! You have some critters in texas.
Great pictures as always.

Genie said...

Thanks so much Patsi, for the compliment and for stopping by.

Are you much into indoor plants? I want an innovative way to train my English Ivy. I don't want to hang it and I don't have a good spot for it to grow down, not sure what to do with it, the only spot for it is a tiny table in front of a sunny window in a rather crowded room--it does well there though. Too well, I just keep trimming it!