Friday, October 10, 2008

Here they are! Brackettville's first Monarchs of October!

Well, at least the first ones I've seen so far here in Tejas this year.

I'm still having fun with LunaPic so you have to put up with a Monarch Animation in this entry.

I was out on the farm to shoot the Monarchs today, the water looked so beautiful this morning.

The Monarchs, below, were clumped in the trees. I've heard tales about how they can turn the entire crown of a tree orange by the way they clump on it. I've yet to see that.

All of the Queens and Fritillaries were happily skipping from one flower to the next. But precious few Monarchs had any interest in that. They seemed to just want to clump in the pecan trees and in the Mountain Laurel trees. It might have been the gusty wind that dissuaded them from flower hopping.

I shot a few other butterflies and bugs while I was out today, they're in the next two entries. All the butterfly pix from today have been uploaded HERE.

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