Friday, October 24, 2008

Crispy Yellowness

A teaser from one of the San Antonio news stations last night about Monarch Butterflies made me think I needed to go see if there were still any along Pinto Creek. Even as recent as Monday I had seen them along Las Moras Creek. The blurb I heard made it sound like San Antonio was being inundated by them, but I guess it wouldn't have been much of a tease for them to say, "Hey, we're still seeing a few Monarchs in SA."

Out I went and, but heck, I only saw a few Snouts and two Queens on the farm today. I didn't even see a Sulpher or a Fritillary and we were lousy with Fritillaries just last week.

There wasn't much to shoot at all today, really. It's so dry here that everything is dying. Even the Goldeneyes that were covered with all manner of blossoms and flutterbies two weeks ago are now tipped with shriveled crispy yellowness. And, sadly, there are no rain chances in sight.


Bob Johnson said...

I like your photography, very cool, always out of the ordinary.

Patsi said...

Very cool !!
The colors,the shadows and the contrast are perfect.

Genie said...

Thanks Bob, you're too kind, as usual! If my stuff is out of the ordinary, you're stuff is out of this world! Oh, wait, it really is!

Patsi, thank you thank you! Yet another kind soul leaving me nice compliments, thanks!

Texas Travelers said...

I enjoy watching your photography as it increase in variety.

Great photos. Well done.

Come visit anytime,
Troy and Martha

PS: Some Alaska Sunday photos are up today.

It's an exercise in HDR Photography.


Dark Love said...

My pictures of spider webs never turn out. That is one super cool pic you took there!

Genie said...

Thanks, oh Necrotic One! They are tricky (for me) to shoot. I've got a ways to go before I can shoot them truly impressively but they're certainly fun!

Thanks Troy and Martha! And thanks for the constant inspiration from your diligent and awe inspiring photography work!

Vic said...

I love the picture of the web, love the DoF!

Genie said...

Thanks Vic!

Kim and Victoria said...

The spider web looks very cool!

Genie said...

Thank you Victoria!