Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kinney County Flowers and the Butterflies Who Love Them.

It really is like Spring around here. This entry is mainly about all the growing things, but some butterflies and bees snuck their way in.

They blossom with a click!

Above: Really best seen enlarged. I liked this shot, it was fun. I'd like to go shoot this flower again. When I first shot it, I didn't realize how truly colorful it was and I wasn't aware of all the tiny little buds ready to open along its length.

Above: The Bermuda grass that grows so well here is, well, growing very well here! This pasture never looked so good, I love grass farming!

Above: I remember reading that when you shoot butterflies, you should always make sure your subject is perfect. But I found myself admiring this tattered fellow so much for continuing his work with such diligence despite how battered he was. The "perfect" butterflies have nothing on him!

I never noticed until yesterday just how much the dead leaves on this plant look like the wings of the Cloudless Sulphur!


Dark Love said...

These pictures are beautiful!

Genie said...

Thank you Dark One! And thanks for linking me!

Kim and Victoria said...

What great pics! I agree, the tattered ones look great also - as if they have more personality.

Genie said...

Thank you victoria, I hope you are healing well!