Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wow, I think I'm finally done!

I'd actually have a lot more photos if I hadn't used my UV filter. It made so many of my shots grainy to the point that I deleted them. With the plethora of Queens I collected I don't feel like I'm losing anything.

You wanna see 'em bigger? You know the drill.

This is my last blog entry for the latest batch of pix! I shot over 1400 in all! Oh, well, I haven't done the goats yet, but they aren't so many. So, you know what this means, I can go shoot more butterflies! This has been great practice for the soon to arrive Monarchs! Glad I found out about that UV filter before their arrival.

Above: As in the previous entry, I have nothing but love and wonder for the tattered butterflies who are still out there pollinating for all they're worth!

Above: I shot his face but it didn't come out well. He was HUGE! I wish I had something in this pic for perspective.

Above: I found this little Wave Moth (unsure what kind of Wave Moth) exceptionally hard to shoot. It wouldn't let me get close! He probably would have fit on a quarter with his wingtips just inside the edge, or near enough.

Click here if you want to see ALL the final edits of the September Butterfly Bash.


sandi said...

Hi, your photos are great. I added you on my bloglist. thanks.

Genie said...

Thank you, Sandi! Sandi was my mother's name, by the way. Makes it that much more heartwarming to see you commenting here! Your blog is fascinating!

Patsi said...

Wonderful pictures.
I bet you had a blast taking them.

As I was viewing...
My husband hears me say "oh so pretty"then "wow" then 'eew!!!"
What is that ugly big gray thing?

Thanks for sharing.

Genie said...

Hi Patsi! That's a big freaking grasshopper is what that is! Nasty, isn't he?

Thank you for the nice compliments!