Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wesley's Giant Stick Bug

Above: As beautiful as this specimen is, and as much as it reminds me of my beloved Golden Bamboo, I still came undone when it made it from my camera lens and onto my hand. ACK! I had to force myself to stillness so I wouldn't hurt it but, oh man, it was hard!


Kim and Victoria said...

Love all your butterfly pics - monarchs, queens, they're all pretty to me.
What kind of bug is that? Mantis?

Genie said...

Thanks Victoria! I guess it's a mantis? Or related to them? Are stick bugs different from mantises?

I don't know but the danged thing was HUGE!

Genie said...

It's a Giant Walking Stick a.k.a. Megaphasma dentricus. It's the largest stick bug in North America. And it is not a praying mantis. I did a LOT of Googling to figure this out!