Thursday, February 7, 2008

Use Faith Additive #2 As Follows:

I have insomnia. I have it quite bad. One night, or morning really, I was flipping channels and there was Your Prophet Peter Popoff with his supernatural promises for millenial prosperity. In this instance, it came in the form of his miracle water. "Just call now" to receive a tube of Chernobyl miracle water. "It's free!" Okay, why not? In fact, I'll take two.

Within a couple of weeks I received two plastic tubes of water with a slight yellowish haze to them. I drank it. Why not? A miracle is a miracle. I wasn't cured. Big surprise. The water tasted like plastic. But, hey, who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?

Now I get regular mail from "my" Prophet Peter Popoff. I got a few calls from him too. The calls stopped after about a month, thankfully. The calls were all recordings that started the same way, "This is your prophet Peter Popoff...." I'm so glad to have my own prophet, everyone should get one.

This envelope and the two enclosed coins arrived in the mail today. Know what I thought? "Wow, this sounds like Wicca!" First you must cleanse the sacred objects, whatever they may be. In Paganism you usally cleanse the object(s) in salt or salt water. Then you work up the magic through some ritual, such as to "rub these anointed coins on the palms of your hands as you think carefully about all the money you need....." Then you bury one of the objects somewhere as an offering to the god/dess of your choice. Another of the objects is allowed to be carried off by the wind or water (or postal service, in this case). This is accomplished by burning the object so that its ashes can be scattered by the wind, attached to something that will fly like a balloon or kite, or it is set onto or into something that will float and is released into some body of water.

Oh, and yes, if you read the rest of the enclosed letter (which is now in a trashcan at my local post office) it tells you how important it is that you include a check with the SOURCE OF TOTAL SUPPLY ENVELOPE for this miracle to work for you. It truly is a source of total supply envelope... for Peter Popoff. For your money, it's a SOURCE OF TOTAL GOODBYE ENVELOPE.

I see from his website that he is now offering free Miracle Manna. It's supposed to be capable of initiating a breakthrough in your life on a spiritual, physical, or financial level. There's a Miracle Manna video on his website that tells you all about it.

I hope my prophet keeps sending me mail. So far he's sent me all kinds of things. Ribbons, some little piece of fabric that looked like a Barbie apron, plenty of promises for miracles and prophecy (gotta send money to get the prophecies though). I wish I knew how to sum up this blog entry but I can't think of a way to summarize this phenomena. I just hope he doesn't give up on me, I'm really enjoying the stuff he sends me. It's fascinating.

I wonder why he instructs you to be alone when you perform this Golden Angel Coin magic?


Chaim said...

You may find the following to be an amusing diversion, if you haven't already seen it:

Kim and Victoria said...

He probably wants you to be alone so your family won't commit you nor stop you from sending him your check.
I can certainly understand your interest! Pretty fascinating.

Genie said...

Chaim: You know, I HATE the Amazing Randi. I think we need people out there doing that kind of work but when it comes to skepticism, he's a fundamentalist. I hate the way he works. BUT..... that was a cool video and I can't criticize it. Evangelists like Popoff honestly scare the crap out of me. Their followers are so fanatical. Makes me shudder. The mail is amusing though. And if there was ever anybody I'd like to sic the dreaded Amazing Randi on, it's Peter Popoff.

Victoria: You're probably right! He needs those checks and doesn't want to risk them not getting sent!

Laura227 said...

Hey Genie,

Sorry to hear about the insomnia. Want to try my Sleep Well hypnosis CD? I'll send it to you, if you'd like.


Genie said...

Hi Laura! I'm so behind on the blogs I watch, I haven't been keeping up. Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to have your cd, although I have to warn you that I have several for insomnia, including a couple I made for myself.

What's your approach to insomnia?

Laura227 said...


Some people have trouble falling asleep, some people have trouble staying asleep, and some both. Hypnosis works great for insomnia, if you have a hypnotist in your area give it a try. I've had great success with people who can't fall asleep as well as people who wake up in the middle of the night. Also, the latest research is pointing to cognitive behavioral therapy as one of the best treatments for insomnia. Worth looking into. Email me your street address if you want the cd.


Chaim said...

Hah... just went back to this and saw you had responded to my comment. Not sure if you'll even see this now. Anyway, I also can't stand the Amazing Randi, for all of the same reasons that you can't. Still, I think it's a great segment, and Popoff is a man that needs to be humiliated like that repeatedly.