Thursday, February 7, 2008

Orgenta Sunset in Brackettville

I decided this little fossil rock was so pretty that it really could be something you'd find in Art & Artifact . Seriously! All it would need is a little marketing and the claim that it was made from resin or cultured marble instead of real, genyooine limestone.

All I'd have to do is photograph it next to something important looking, like a Stephen Hawking book or something written by Milton Erickson and the caption would have to be something along the lines of, "Made from compound stone with an antique stone finish, this exquisite recreation of the mysterious Italian chunk-o-ruin found in that barn behind that house that looks like it might have some historical significance in Avezzano, Italy." And then I could sell it for $29.95. Click the pic to enlarge it, it really does look like it fell off the column of some ancient Italian or Grecian ruin.

No? Well, while I was trying to set up the shot for this lame joke I happened to notice some not artificial exquisiteness coming through my kitchen window and I ran outside in my socks, stood in the freshly shoveled earth from my husband's recent plumbing work on the house, and tried to capture the amazing orange and magenta light coming through the trees during the sunset. I didn't capture what I saw, but the light is still pretty. I was so excited about this op, I took about 50 shots before I lost the light. The sunsets aren't always so colorful here in Brackettville.

More pix of our Magenta Orange Sunset


Kim and Victoria said...

Love your "Italian artifact". Sunset pics are nice also. Never can quite match what our eyes can see to what comes out in the camera, can we?

Genie said...

Thanks Victoria. No, if they can ever make a camera that sees like we can, wow!

I must say, though, your eye and your camera seem to be in harmony. You shoot some striking photos!