Saturday, February 9, 2008

Grass Valley Grass Fire north of Brackettville

One of our volunteer fire department guys running the pump for the fire hose. That's a two day old moon shining down on him from the west.

It's a cedar tree catching fire, but it almost looks electric in this shot. I didn't take my tripod tonight for fear I'd melt its feet in smoldering ground, hence the blurry shots. I was permitted to ride with one of the guys in Unit #25. Guess what? On brush fires the trucks NEVER STOP. They just keeping driving from hot spot to hot spot and the guys in the back are hosing the flames from the moving truck. Wish I had a crappy old Jeep or something I could take out to these fires so I'd have wheels of my own and could stop when I want.

Read the whole story here. If you like, you can see all the pix here.


Jean Levert Hood said...

the last 2 photos are amazing. I love those colors, and the streaks flowing out of the fire are really cool.
It's beautiful, but I remind myself that this was a destructive and dangerous thing.

Kim and Victoria said...

Love the last pic.

Genie said...

Jean: thankfully, with brush fires, they can be a really good thing for the land. It's only when they get out of control that it's scary. So, I think it's okay to see the beauty too. My breath was taken away several times last night and not from the ash and smoke. But, yeah, it can be so terrible.

Victoria: Thank you! Can't wait to go read your Yurt update. I wanta yurt! And, um, I'd like it to be in snow too, please! Here, something like that, wouldn't be good for much more than a place to sit in and shoot deer or turkey from.