Sunday, February 10, 2008

Spofford, Texas, just a few miles from my Brackettville home.

I was in an old building with no roof in Spofford, TX this evening. The town holds parties and things there fairly often, including city council meetings. Apparently the last party was the Christmas party because an old, dead pine tree lay against one wall and these Christmas ornaments were scattered about the floor here and there. The giant wooden Santa sled was also a bit of a give away.
I shot this one ornament a LOT and couldn't get myself out of the shots unless I was way back from the ornament so I decided to consider them self portraits! All but the first and third, anyway.
I like the way the ornament reflects the sky, walls, and windows in this roofless structure.
See the entire Spofford Series.


Jean Levert Hood said...

I like #3.and I love how you are willing to lay on the ground to get a shot!

Genie said...

Thanks Jean! Laying on the ground with my camera makes me feel like a real, genyooine photog. I was so proud of myself one day for lying in goat poop to shoot the babies... had my nylon jacket zipped up to my nose.

This evening was SO nice, I just had to get out. Beat vacuuming.

Kim and Victoria said...

Nice shots!