Saturday, August 8, 2009

Baby Hummingbirds growing up in Brackettville


Anonymous said...

You always take such AMAZING pictures!!! I loved ALL of these!! I have two feeders too, but I've not seen babies!! How lucky!

Spirit said...

As always, very impressive.

I had opened the page at work and watched the slide show then became distracted with other things. People were walking by and commenting on the pictures. Stopping, watching, commenting on it. Calling others over to view it. They asked me if I took them. I felt like putting up a small sign that read "Taken by a friend at her place in Texas". Instead I just kept repeating the above.

So, now, half a company has seen your work and is highly impressed with it!

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Genie if you took these pictures I most definitely bow to your talent.
Simply AMAZING !!

Never saw a nest I know what to look for. Looks amost like a bee hive not twigs like other birds.
Wonderful slide show.


Kim and Victoria said...

Genie, I can see you've been busy!!! What a great looking slide show - how in the world did you do that? I love it. And those pics - fantastic! Love the quarter in the nest. Lucky you to be able to witness them. Such sweet little buggers.

Anonymous said...

Good job!

Texas Travelers said...

Great photos and a nice slide show.
Well done,


Genie said...

Thanks everybody!!!

I got lucky, I walked into the backyard and saw the nest just a foot or so above my head. Taking the photos was a snap.

I check the nest daily now hoping to find a fresh batch of eggs in it, hummers will apparently reuse a nest. Fingers crossed!

Bob Johnson said...

Wow, great shots genie, nice to see your images again.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

How adorable! Great pictures!