Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunflowers in Uvalde, White Fallow on Tularosa Road.

Saw these sunflowers on Hwy. 55 outside of Uvalde, Texas. Seems it's the thing to plant in Uvalde this season, maybe they've got a buyer already? Sale on sunflower seeds? Doing something for the soil? I don't know, but I've never seen fields of sunflowers driving through Uvalde before and I was delighted!

Click 'em big.

Jean and I went up to Tularosa Road again just to see what there was to see. We had just turned onto the road when we spied these White Fallow Deer yearlings. They didn't seem particularly frightened by us. And they were very cuddly with each other. It wasn't until we drove up parallel with them that they finally got spooked.

This cluster of ? was growing on an as yet unidentified tree.

There's a side road off Tularosa onto a private ranch where the water, according to Jean, is nearly always running over the road. I snapped this as we crossed it.

It started raining last night, yea!!!!!!!!!!!! And it was raning when I woke up this morning. Most excellent! The rain gauges tell us it's rained nearly an inch. YES! Oh how we need this rain. I can't wait for the farm to green up a bit, it's been looking more like desert than grass farm so far this season.


Bob Johnson said...

Very cool!! wild sunflowers, wow, some more great shots Genie.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely one day trip you had! Wish you more rain and green there.

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Great Sunflowers !!
Never knew there were White Fallow Deer.
Very cool..so is the pic of you crossing the stream. Artsy !

joefox said...

Cool photos. I don't think I've really ever seen a sunflower field. That's neat. I especially like the one of the cluster of ? Good stuff.

Kim and Victoria said...

Glad to hear you're getting some rain. Those white fallow deer are so alien looking.
Love the fields of sunflowers.....I know I've seen them somewhere before.

Michelle said...

Beautiful photos, Genie. Hard to pick which is the loveliest, although the sunflowers did get me smiling the most.

I have a small tag topic for you, if you want it...

Kim and Victoria said...

Did my last comment not go through??? I commented on this post ages ago. Sorry. Let's see, love the fields of sunflowers, and the deer look absolutely alien. So cool.
When you catch up on your blogging, you really catch up! Thanks for all the nice comments. If you're ever up this way you've got to stop by. (We have a spare bedroom and it isn't always full of seedlings or chickens.)

Genie said...

Thank you Bob!!!! Thought about you this morning when I saw (and tried to photograph) some brightish body near the full moon--need to come by your blog and see if you talked about a conjunction tonight.

Thank you for your wishes OrOne! We need all the wet stuff we can get.

Thanks Patsi! That's actually a friend of mine walking in front of me, I turned the photo upside down, I liked it better that way.

Thank you JoeFox. I still dont' know what ? is. I'll have to do some more research. Congrats on your new telescope!

Thank you Michelle! And thanks for tagging me!

Victoria, thank you! And if you ever want to look at some goats and feed some cows down in Texas, you know who to call. Hubby said he'd build me a chicken coop! I can hardly wait, I'll be watching your babies closely, and writing down all your tips and tricks.

Roger said...

Bravo! Such awesome photography!!

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