Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Almost Full Moon at the Brackettville Cemetery

The skies have been relatively clear at moonrise for the last couple of nights so I've been going to the cemetery, all of three blocks away, because it has the clearest view of the east in town. I've been late for the moonrise each night which has been just as well because of clouds on the horizon each night. I'm hoping for a very clear horizon at moonrise sometime this week as I'm determined to get a really great moonrise shot--Bob Johnson has me inspired (and seething with jealousy).

I can't hope to come close to what he captures, but that's okay. I just want to see what I can do.

Keep in mind that I don't have a telephoto lens--just the 12x zoom that comes with my camera.

Above: I couldn't resist trying to shoot the moon through one of the letters in the Masonic Cemetery's iron gate. It's not amazing or anything, but it was fun trying to do it. I only got the one clear shot, I couldn't get the camera to focus on the moon through a letter again after this.

I think that might be an owl flying by in the above photo. The owls seem to like hanging out at the cemetery.


Darbee said...

Absolutely AWESOME Genie! Not sure which is my favorite, because I love them ALL! I think maybe the last one because it's such a perfect shot of the moon! I am so jealous! Keep up the amazing work!

Dark Love said...

Really cool!! I love the one of the moon through the letters of the cemetery's iron gate and the one with the owl is super cool. That last one is beautiful to my eyes as well. Thank you for sharing your awesome photos! I really enjoy them. :)

Genie said...

Shucks, you guys, thank you.

Darb, y/our camera WILL do this. I swear. Just use a tripod, put it on "M", zoom in and go for it. If it's too bright just use the little button you'd use to scroll through photos--left and right will change the exposure. I can't remember which way is down but you'll see the difference on your screen.

Thank you Dark One! I hope your studies are going really well and not too stressful, you haven't had much to say since Mt. St. Helens.

Bob Johnson said...

Wow!!!! I think I've created a monster, awesome shots!!!

Genie said...

You HAVE created a monster, Bob! This is all your fault! I've been popping in and out every night since you blogged about the Taurids--and cursing the fact that I can't shoot any of those awesome streaks. I know you will though. I look forward to seeing them!