Friday, September 12, 2008

Libytheana Carinenta on Antigonon Leptipus

The American Snouts are back and the air in Brackettville is full of living confetti. It's so beautiful. Kind of sad to see local truck grills coated with their carcasses though. I find it tricky to shoot them in the air, they're so small. Luckily, I there's coralvine in the alley.

If you click them, they will enlarge.


Texas Travelers said...

Great post and excellent photographs.
We were is the Valley once when they had an outbreak of Snouts. It was great.

Thanks for sharing this and bringing back memories.

Your blog is really looking great.

Troy and Martha

Genie said...

Thanks Troy and Martha!

We had a huge influx of them a couple of years ago, it was fantastic. It's every bit as good this year. It's a nice prelude to the Monarch Migration!

Jean Levert Hood said...

These are awesome shots, Genie!! Snouts are everywhere. I'm amazed at how thick these little things are in the air. They seem too love any tiny puddle of water, too.

Genie said...

Thanks Jean, you're so sweet to take the time to comment on my blog!

Michelle said...

Why is he in the middle of the butterflies? lol

I love the yellow butterfly pics the best. They're gorgeous. :-)

Genie said...

Hi Michelle! THANKS!

The boy just happened to to be there when I was shooting the Sulphurs so I "caught" him too. I thought about putting him in his own entry but I was too lazy.

The butterflies are so thick right now that when you're driving around town you'd swear they were in the car with you. It's amazing.