Monday, September 15, 2008

Cloudless Sulphurs "Kissing" In The Mistletoe

And a little boy looses his teeth.

CAUTION: Images are easily inflated.


Patsi said...

Lovely art.
I saw a pic you took of the moon somewhere on your blog and can't find it now...anyway the first words out of my mouth were "wow".
Nice work.
Also viewed your very cool video about DSLR's and the 1/3 approach to taking pictures.
I can tell you're having fun and are very good at photography.

Thanks for sharing,

Genie said...

Hi Patsi, thanks for coming by! I think maybe you have me confused with someone else though--I've never put up any videos. I think maybe that Strobist.

Hey, I love that hummingbird silhouette on your sidebar! I'm linking your blog on my page so I can keep track of your awesome blog!

Patsi said...

I'll do the same.
I still love your work.