Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day on the farm

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My husband's late grandmother, Big Mama, used to live for arrowhead hunting. She passed this hobby on to her daughter and to my husband (and to all her descendants, I think). In fact, my first date with Wesley was an arrowhead hunt on the farm. Now, every time we have a big rain, the two of them are chomping at the bit to go arrowhead hunting. All that rain often exposes points and other artifacts. Since our pastures were recently cleared, leaving many gaping holes and fresh-turned earth, and since we had over three inches of rain in the last week (YEAH!) both my husband and mother in law had hoped to have an especially good hunt today.

I joined them, but to photograph, not hunt arrowheads. Walking around, bent over, staring at the ground gives me a massive headache. If points don't jump out at me, then I'm not interested.

Today they found some worked chips, a fossil or two, the tip of a point, a bit of quartz, and three little cacti that my mother in law insisted on digging up. Girlfriend is gaga for cacti.

While out at the farm I shot some of my favorite spots to visit on the property and our new (to us) irrigation equipment. It has yet to be set up but hubby eagerly awaits installing it. The carriage looking things are the "drive units." The semi-circular things are the wheels. Well, they will be wheels once they are assembled.

The pastures didn't jump up as green and gorgeous as I'd hoped after all that rain, but they are considerably greener all the same. And with more chances of rain this week, I am hopeful. The cows seem happy.

I was walking fairly slowly, what with the heat and humidity making me feel like was walking through sludge, and so allowed my eyes to scan the ground for arrowheads or cool looking rocks. I found a mollusk fossil, yea! We find hunks of red rock chock-a-block full of shells all the time but I've never seen such a nice, big mollusk on one.

We also wanted to check the water level in the big tank, it's looking good! It's looked better, but it's up from what it was and that's a very good thing. Hubby and his nephews catch catfish out of this water tank (formed from caliche) and I've finally acquired a liking for it. They use this little boat to run the trot line.

Below are a few of my favorite spots on the farm. It was so glaringly bright out today that all the greens are SUPER green. Lesson learned today? When there's this much green and this much light one doesn't need to use the "vivid" mode on her S3 IS.

Lastly are some odd shots. I couldn't decide whether or not I liked how the spider web came out. I guess if I can't decide then I should probably put it in the "crap photo" folder? Also, here's a shot of one of the cows thoroughly enjoying some of the fresh new grass that sprung up after the rain. Yea rain! And, finally, the fossil I found.

Click to see a slideshow of my day on Pinto Farm.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Great shots, Genie! I love those rocks full of fossils, and pick them up a lot. I've never seen one with a shell like that! Pretty awesome!

Genie said...

Thanks Jean!