Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The After is looking awesome!

To the left are before and after shots of the Horseshoe Pasture on our little grass farm. The before photo was right after we had the pasture cleared. The after photo is after over three inches of wonderful, blessed rain in the last week. Woot rain!

What a difference a little water can make! The angle of the shot is different, but the brush pile in the first photo is the same brush pile seen in the far left portion of the second photo.

Running around on the farm this evening, with all that great horizontal light from the sunset, I couldn't resist shooting. I didn't get anything remarkable, but I do love the light and color I got. The roof of our silo has some great color, texture, and contrasts. It was frustrating not being able to shoot it better. I'm excited about the water tower because hubby is resurrecting it as a watering hole for the cows. We're giving them their treats everyday at the various soon-to-be water holes to teach them to go to those spots. Cows learn fast if there's food involved.

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