Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our Babies

Life has been incredibly busy lately and I haven't had much free time to shoot. A few weeks ago I did get to run out and shoot Our Babies. I shot nothing remarkable, but it at least got me used to the new camera. Plus we need some kind of system to keep track of who is who and how they're progressing so I wanted to photograph them. We'll be selling them online eventually anyway. They're doing really well, by the way, fat and happy.

Photographing them is important to me as I need to learn #112 from #57, and so on and so forth. Somehow we got two #7's. Guess we'll call them the twins.

So in this entry you can see a few shots of our babies and get an idea of what our grass farm looks like at the moment--pasture after pasture full of turned earth and piles of recently "grubbed" trees.

We have some nice woodsy areas preserved near the creek which flows constantly along the border of Pinto Farm. We had hoped Dolly would dump a few inches on us but, alas, we've had nary a drop today. So sad. Just a few inches of rain would turn our whole place green. It would be heaven to have a bunch of rain dumped on our recently cleared pastures!

We're getting a little help from the state to clear the property and we're taking full advantage of it. It's exciting to see the pastures being cleared of trees that shouldn't be there in the first place. Don't feel sorry for all the trees that are getting ripped up. The great, big, old oaks are all quite safe. It's the mesquite and cat's claw we're removing, for the most part. Didja know Mesquite Isn't Even Native To Texas? Crazy, huh?

This shot with the barbed wire made me happy, the camera focused on the post instead of the bull and I got a kinda sorta neat shot of a spider web. Okay, it's not remarkable but, hey, it was cool to me. Especially considering the distance I was from both the fence and the animal. It gives me a clue of what this camera is capable of.

When they see us, they come running in hopes of getting a little treat. It can be a little intimidating if you aren't used to it!

We're fortunate not to have to buy water for the farm. Artesian wells under the property will provide enough water for our grass farming operation.


Dream Lover said...

I hope for some rain for you and your babies!

Those cattle are cute! I love the one of three running at you for treats. As a Jersey Girl I would have started running the other way! LOL

Dream Lover said...

By the way, do you use adhesive to put the tags on the cattle? I showed my family your pictures of the cattle and my husband asked that question. He sells "cattle tag".

Genie said...

Yeah, I took my aunt out to show her our babies but she's a real city girl and needed a lot of assurance that they wouldn't eat her. But, after awhile, she got excited about shooting them with me. Before we left she was grinning from ear to ear. They're hysterical when you call them up, 'bellering' back and forth at each other and staring at you intently in hopes that some cow cake (I don't know what it's really called) will fall out of your pockets.