Friday, July 11, 2008

Got my camera!

My photographic ignorance is really showing now. This camera is a lot more advanced than I expected and I finally have to REALLY learn about F-stops and apertures and white balance and all that good stuff that I've been avoiding. Good thing I have a stack of books on photography.

Played with the camera just a little bit tonight, you can see that it works, while starting a batch of Ninniku Shoyu-zuke which I'll put on My Food Blog in about two and a half months after it's good and pickled.

The Ninniku Shoyu-Whatsits is a bit of a process. First it has to spend two weeks in rice vinegar, except I don't have any of that so I'm using some of my Homemade White Wine Vinegar instead. Then some of that gets poured out and sweetened soy sauce is added to the jar for a couple of months. It will supposedly become, "everybody's favorite since the vinegar-pickling process reduces the characteristic odor." It claims to be a, "Surprisingly delicious pickle, proved to be your favorite."

I got the recipe for Ninniku Hachimitsu-zuke from this same recipe book and the Results Were Awesome. It's now my favorite ingredient in stir-fry. Saves me having to chop garlic and adds the perfect sweetness. It's also supposed to be quite the tonic for the common cold. I don't even like honey but it turned out to be really good in stir-fry and I'm hooked. I wanted to start a batch of that tonight too but I ran out of garlic. I wish you could see how pretty the vinegar really is. It's clear, pale, and golden like the Chardonnay I used to make it with.

I'm hoping for lots of energy, time, light, and clouds (to keep it cooler) tomorrow so I can go out with my "new" camera and practice on something that's more interesting to shoot than my Japanese pickling experiments! Wish me luck!


Jean Levert Hood said...

Surely there is an automatic setting for the meantime???!!???

Texas Travelers said...

How's the new camera going. Looking forward to some of those new photos. Tell us how you use the different features on the camera to make different photos.

Thanks for the visit,

Genie said...

Jean, yeah, it has a "dummy" setting too!

Hi Troy, thanks for coming by! Had to put my camera down for a week so haven't gotten to practice with it much. Soon!

Dream Lover said...

So Genie,

How's the camera?! How come we're not seeing any posts and pics? Oh, please share!


Genie said...

Aw, shucks, Laura, you're so kind. Actually I haven't got to use it much. My grandmother died last week and I've been out of town. I did try some ghost hunting with my camera but Grandma didn't want to play.

I'll be putting up some photos of our cattle as soon as I have time--that's about all I've had time to shoot. That and what I've been cooking over on my food blog--just found a delectable and insanely easy Korean recipe!

Dream Lover said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandma.

I'll check out your cattle post. I got a glimpse of those cool bat pics! I'm going to show my kids later.

Genie said...

Thanks, Laura. Alzheimer's took her a long time ago, it was only her body that had yet to pass.

I hope to go back to that bat cave soon, I want to see it on a better night! I shot about 300 pix as it was though.