Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oh, crap, it's that time again.

It's time for gardening again. Not for me, I don't garden. It's my husband and in-laws!

I've deleted my rant--once I vented and a few people sympathized with me--well, no one actually sympathized with me but they at least acknowledged my feelings, I felt it prudent to remove my comments. I am trying to move into acceptance mode now since there's nothing I can do about it.

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"His end" of the kitchen table, generally piled high with bookkeeping, now has a second layer on top of the first of germinating seeds.

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No idea what these pots of dirt are about, I guess I'll just keep checking back.

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I honestly don't know if these are germinating seeds he planted recently or if they're just the mullberries that fell in the pot last season that have begun to germinate. All the pots are sitting under the mulberry tree--the freeze ruined the fruit on it by the way. So sad. We should be eating fresh, sun-warmed mulberries by the handful this time of year.

I don't hate gardening. I just find my husband's garden addiction taxing. But I'll live.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Ok, Genie, now tell me how you really feel!

This is cracking me up!

Photographer In Training said...

And this was a tame vent. Ugh.

Kim and Victoria said...

Makes me wonder what keeps them addicted to the seedling thing if they're not getting much return.
Oh well, reminds me of me!

Photographer In Training said...

They've always been plant crazy... must be genetic. I wish I had the energy to start my own little garden so I could prove my superiority.... might shut up my whining when my garden fails.