Saturday, January 26, 2008

Photo editing practice

Original and without any cropping or editing of any kind:


Enlarged it won't hold up under scrutiny, but smaller I think it actually looks fairly okay. I will probably practice on this pic a lot. It took a lot of layers to do the fix and I need to learn to work within those layers. Right now, it's all hack and bash. I have no clue what I'm doing.


Kim and Victoria said...

Looks good though. Like all the baby goat pics.

Genie said...

Baby goats make a good photo no matter how bad the photo! They are SO cute. I can't even put it into words. I threw one into the arms of my sister in law one day, she and Jeffe both are uber paranoid about tics, dirt, and things that are outside in general. They're both a bit on the obsessive compulsive side. Anyway, I caught this little baby by its hind leg and shoved it into her arms and I wish I'd had a camera. She melted. Every worry she'd ever had about filth, animals, dung, tics, bugs, or being outside evaporated while she held it and she didn't want to put it down. It started suckling on one of her fingers and her face was pure ecstacy. She was in love. That's baby goats, instant love.

Thanks for looking!!!!!

Matters of the Spirit said...

Pretty awesome editing!

Genie said...

Thanks Spirit!

Anonymous said...

This photo will attract the audience to look twice and more. I use photoshop so I can understand what you might be talking about. Congratulation for the S shape.

Genie said...

Yeah, well, it wasn't a great S shape nor was a good photo, but I was pretty desperate at the time for an S! Still haven't gotten a good one, come to think of it. Ah, well, I'll find it one day.

I still have SO much to learn in Photoshop, one day I'll take a class.