Saturday, January 26, 2008

Final Clovenfield Entry

I created this blog to be my photography portfolio showing my best photo work. And that's pretty much what I use it for except when I'm trying to tell a story or share some event or experience through photos. I did a bit of that today, throwing in some of my less than favorite shots of the day to share what I saw.

I've already posted 99% of my Clovenfield favorites along with some others that I'm not nearly so fond of but they seemed appropriate to add for various reasons. This is the last one that was among my favorites.

What I like about this photo is that the big goat's chest, face, and neck make this nice, nearly S-shaped curve above the baby whose head, back, and tail somewhat mirror that shape. I've been ever in search of the elusive (to me) S-shape in a photo and I think this is the first time I've really gotten it in a way that I cared to share it. Although I may go in soon and try to remove that blasted bit of dried grass that is practically cutting my baby goat in half, ack!

I also loved the little bit of red that you can see in the photo. Without that, it would have been quite blah and I don't think I'd have looked at it twice.

So, not a remarkable shot, but an exciting one for me. My mentor, Jean, taught me to look for certain shapes in my photography composition and I've been looking for an S for about two years now. Finally!

Oh, and in case you are Boer-Curious, here's a link to African Boer Goats.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Genie, these are some great shots! You are so right about those precious little baby goats! I loved having them. They would play "King of the Mountain" on a 2 inch hill of dirt 6 inches wide! They can keep you laughing. They way the constantly play is just too fun.

"S" curves would be hard in animals and such, maybe easier to find in a meandering creek, river or such. You're doing great!

Genie said...

Hi Jean!

I actually wasn't looking for the S curve with the animals, I just happened to notice that I'd gotten one. I was lying on my stomach in the pens (ew!) and was snapping away madly at the babies hoping to catch them playing, suckling, or butting heads.

I've gotten a few S's, but nothing I wanted to show anybody. The hiking trail on the Fort gave me a fabulous one once in the form of a meandering trail, but it was just such a blah photo.

I'm going to manifest more S's into my life starting now!

Thanks for looking! And congrats on your nod from Clancy!