Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dawn of the Dead

I'm really proud of the above photo because I've tried to shoot this little tree inside its little metal fence before and just couldn't get it right until this morning. I only wish I'd cut down some of the grasses that interfered with the bottom of the shot. Believe you me, I'll go back with a pair of scissors at some other sunrise and shoot it again.

I wasn't feeling well at all yesterday and pretty much slept the day away so when I woke up at 1:00 a.m. this morning, I was wide awake. I killed time until dawn so I could go shoot out at the cemetery and this blog entry is a sampling of what I shot. To see more of what I shot, check out
Sunrise at St. Mary Magdalene's for the rest. And now... I need a nap. By the way, something I did while I was waiting for the sunrise was watch Mojados: Through The Night on Free Speech TV and it was REALLY good. I highly recommend it. Especially for anyone who owns property near the Mexico border. I'm a proponent for putting people to work who are willing to work. I don't understand why we aren't allowing people to just come on in, taking their information, and handing them a guest visa so they can earn some cash legally. Then the only ones sneaking in would be the criminals and drug runners and who cares if they suffer trying to cross over? But these guys who just want to work? Why make it so hard for them? They're just people.

I love the colors in the above shot. It's what I was hoping I'd get.

And I did get it... with a little enhancement from Photoshop.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Genie, I like them! You captured that pinky/peachy glow we get so often.

Genie said...

Thanks Jean! Hugs back!!

sanne1 said...

Those are awesome!!! I would go back with the scissors for sure. You captured beautifully the gradation of the sky in early morning.

Genie said...

Thanks Suez! When am I going to get to see all the snow pix? I'm only just learning to do panoramic shots with my camera, but I bet you did LOTS in Colorado!

Kim and Victoria said...

Love your sunrise shots. Yeah, I'd go back and cut down the grasses, but it's still a great looking shot!
Couldn't agree more about the Mexican work force we all (even here in Idaho) take for granted. Let them work!