Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Austin Cap10K 2007

My poor brother. He was my favorite photo subject at the marathon, maybe because he was easier to spot? He hated the hat. But my sister and I made everyone wear them. Although he made it clear that he's NEVER DRESSING UP AGAIN. He doesn't care how weird Austin is or how important it is to Austinites for them to keep it so. I've been trying to convince him to run as Captain Jack Sparrow next year but he won't even consider it. Around 13,500 people ran it in 2006, I'm not sure how many registered in 2007. Statesman Capitol 2008

Keep Austin Weird


Jean Levert Hood said...

I bet he was the best looking Brother in Austin!! Toooo funny!
He's obviously not aware that his power is completely overshadowed by the force of TWO sisters!

Michelle said...

That is one radical hat!