Friday, February 27, 2009

Moon and Venus over Brackettville

Canon S3 IS with the Canon TC-DC58B Teleconverter Lens
Shooting Mode: Manual
Tv (Shutter Speed): 2
Av (Aperture Value): 8.0
ISO Speed: 400

As usual, I wouldn't have known about this conjunction if Bob of Blackholes and Astrostuff hadn't told me. A thin layer of clouds kept this from being a sharper image. But Bob's got some FANTASTIC moon shots in his most recent blog entry, do check it out if you love looking at the moon. His recent solar shots are worth checking out too, absolutely awe inspiring.

I know I am behind on everybody's blogs, I haven't been online much lately. I look forward to catching up with you all very soon!


Jean Levert Hood said...

"Moon and Venus over Brackettville" -- hmmm, so that means that we really *are* a part of the universe here in Brackett. Comforting.

Lovely shot Genie!

Darbee said...

OMG!! I love this shot! I saw them last night and thought of you! I was going to grab my camera and take some shots, but then I thought....Genie will take some awesome pictures and I can enjoy hers!!!! Gorgeous, and I love the cloud glow around the moon....makes it look so magical!

Bob Johnson said...

Great shots Genie, I came over to check out if you were able to get a shot, woo, hoo, you did, congrats. Thanks again for the mention. I was able to get some shots and will post in the next couple of days, next stop....... Moon and Pleiades next Monday night.

I fear it will snow as it is supposed to warm up, got my fingers crossed, again congrats with your great photo and good luck with the Moon/Pleiades.

Genie said...

Oh, Jean, you're so bad! But, yeah, it is like living on an island sometimes, isn't it?

Thanks Darb! I put the exif data on there with you in mind. That, and so I can start remembering what works with what.

Hi Bob! I feel bad that I haven't been around, not that you are short on fans or anything. I'll come by in just a sec and make some wonderful comments. Every one of them completely sincere and totally heartfelt, you really are an inspiration. Moon and Pleiades, eh? On the 2nd? Just wrote it on my calendar!

Kim and Victoria said...

Still, a very nice shot, Genie!

Genie said...

Oh, Victoria, I meant to tell you in my email. You NAILED Orion--and not a lot of girls can say that. I loved that shot. And thank you.

Laura said...

Beautiful shot Genie!

Patsi said...

I've been taking a break also from reading blogs.
Things do come up that are important to take care of.
LOVE your photo when I click on it to make it larger. It's good you're recording the camera can help others get better shots like yours.

graceonline said...

I saw this the other night and it stopped me cold. Just stood there in the middle of the sidewalk staring. It's so unusual to see something like this in the city, between all the buildings. You captured it perfectly. Awe inspiring.

Genie said...

Hi Laura, thank you!

Patsi, it's so easy to get behind on them, isn't it? I feel bad because I follow blogs I REALLY like. I feel like I'm missing out when I fall behind. Thank you for your kind comments.

Grace--it WAS something, wasn't it? Thank you so much.