Wednesday, February 4, 2009

These were my candidates for an amateur photo contest with the theme "arches."

I joined an Amateur Photography Contest on Facebook. You can check out their past winners right HERE ON BLOGGER. Each week there is a new theme. This week's theme is "arches." Scoring is based on the quality of the photo and on how well it suits the theme. Here are the "arches" shots I got today. I've got too busy a week to go shoot some more original arches like my the arches on my niece and nephew's precious feet or to make arches out of penny structures and shoot that.

I already chose the toilet arch and the tree with the long reaching "arms" with its "elbows" resting on the ground.

Too bad I don't have more time. I'll be in San Antonio all day tomorrow. Don't you know they have some fun architecture there? I could have gotten some really fly arches.

Above: This awesome tree has two long, spindly branches that arch down to the ground. To me, it looks like the tree's elbows are resting on the ground. This tree resides on the hill near the Fort Clark Springs spring-fed pool. It's a lovely pool.

Above: This tree forms the oddest arch over this little road that goes down to some picnic areas on the far side of the Fort Clark Springs pool.

Above: This was my favorite "arches" themed shot. The arched window sits above the door to an outside bathroom at the Post Theater on Fort Clark Springs.

Above: This is the same arched tree in the second shot from a different angle.

Above: Same tree as in the first shot.

Above: A lovely arched gateway to a private residence on Fort Clark Springs.

Above and below: An ongoing restoration project on Fort Clark Springs.


Darbee said...

I like the bathroom shot...I think you should go with that one. My second fav is the black and white photo of the arched tree in the second shot at different angle.

Good luck!

Genie said...

Hi Darb! I DID use the bathroom shot. I liked that one. I won't win, my scores are low. But I'm not trying to win. It's just fun to have a "mission" when I'm out with my camera and then to go back and see how others completed their mission.

I didn't go with the b&w but with the "arms stretched out" tree. I was fond of it. Although I'm told on Facebook that it's "kind of generic." Whatever! It's just fun to participate.

Michelle said...

wow, what an amazing tree. I love these!

graceonline said...

Your images are stunning. Breathtaking. Thank you for posting them.

Genie said...

Thanks Michelle, I appreciate it!

Grace, you're way too kind. But thank you!