Friday, January 2, 2009

A foggy Brackettville morning.

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I was up all night and probably would have gone to bed around dawn but I saw that it was foggy. I wanted to try and take advantage of the dawn light through the fog. 200 photos later I had nothing to show for it. Yet I couldn't bear not to keep SOMETHING from the morning so I saved the sunrise shot above and the shots of this curious doe in the Brackettville cemetery below. She couldn't quite decide what I was.


Roger said...

Wow! Those are awesome and the deer wow!
Lend me your ear I have a award for you (Click Here)

Bob Johnson said...

Very cool cloudscapes Genie, love the doe complete with fog as well.

Kim and Victoria said...

Hi Genie! Nice sunrise pics. Love the deer. They are always hanging around our subdivision as they come down from the mountains to snag some food.

Genie said...

Roger--That earward is too cool! Thank you!!!! Hey, dude, don't blow so much smoke up my, um, lens. I know these aren't wow, but thanks for saying so!! Please feel free to offer critiques and tips anytime. It's what I really need.

Thank you Bob! I think that doe is used to humans. I didn't seem to bother her much and instead of moving away from me, she just kept inching closer.

Victoria--I bet our deer look like rodents compared to yours? The deer here have always looked so tiny to me. The Whitetail anyway. Thanks for the compliment and thank you for stopping by! I miss your blogs, will the spring bring more blog entries? I can't wait to keep up with your garden this year.

Bob Johnson said...

Alert, alert!!!!! Perigee 2009 Full Moon this Saturday.

Genie said...

Bless you, Bob! Thank you!!!!

Laura said...

Hi Genie,

That sunrise photo reminds me of what I loved about West Texas. Here in Jersey, we don't have wide open sky like that. Beautiful. I lived in Lubbock for a year and LOVED Big Sky.

We won't get to see the full moon here in Jersey tonight. The weather man calls for snow.

Genie said...

Hi Laura! Yes, I do love our big big sky.

Sorry about the snow, even though I am a little jealous! I hope it's not TOOO cold!