Friday, December 5, 2008

Looking down wasn't working out for me, so I looked up.

Well, you see, I was out in the yard shooting something else but it just wasn't working out. So I turned the camera upward and shot the moon. She's always a good subject, even for my lowly 12x zoom. Santa Baby, I want a tele-converter lens for Christmas! Too bad hubby never looks at my blog, le sigh.


Bob Johnson said...

Genie, you do so well for what you have, awesome Lunar shot with the clouds and all, you are getting to be quite the Photographer. I have never used a tele-converter, I did check on the prices and they are way more money then a lens, but then you can use it for all your lenses.

Genie said...

Shucks, thanks Bob.

Regarding a telephoto for my S3, I haven't read good things about the telephoto lenses available for it. Seems the tele-converter is the way to go with this camera. Although I haven't researched this fully as I haven't wanted to torture myself with what I can't buy anyway. One day!