Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I was just antsy (oh, that will be funny later) to get out today and so I headed down Tularosa Road to try and collect the seeds I use to make into beads. Damn the luck, I was too late. The seed pods were empty and the seeds were long gone. Stupid Google was wrong about when Buckeye seed pods expel their seeds in southwest Texas!

Shot a lot of scary stuff while I was out there so it wasn't a complete loss. Happy Halloween!

Above: I thought this bit of vertebrae looked a lot like a face. In fact, it reminds me a little bit of Pikachu. Scary!

Above and below: He looked a lot cuter before I turned on the macro setting. All that crazy hair or cilia or whatever it is wasn't visible without it.

Above: There was a large slab of rock lying on the base of a tree which was covered with lovely green moss. I moved the rock thinking that it would be a great place to sit and rest. WRONG! Underneath that rock was a teeming metropolis of teeny, tiny ants. You can't even see them in this photo unless you enlarge it and squint, but they are there my friend, oh yes, they are there! What the camera could see, quite clearly, was eggs/larvae/whatever this white and tan crap is. Blech! Fascinating! But gross.

Above: Some kind of fungus thing. It looked like dried wood or dried dung on top, but the trunk of it was quite fungal looking. I pulled it up to give it a thorough inspection and it was just plain gross to behold.

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