Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wesley's Four O'Clocks

These are my husband's Four O'Clocks. I don't care for them particularly. The blossoms are beautiful but they come with an abundance of tall, bushy foliage. They also grow all over town in the ditches and vacant lots if they're low enough (to catch water) so I don't know why we have to have them in the yard

But he hates my Golden Bamboo and I won't prune it unless he threatens to dig it all up so I guess it all works out.

Update: I'm seeing a few Monarchs! WOOT! I saw them in our alley as I was driving home from the grocery store so put the cold stuff up and ran back out into the alley hoping to see them again. We have a mountain of Queen's Wreath out there. No luck, the Monarchs were GONE. So I just randomly shot the Queen's Wreath blossoms instead. Ho hum.


Kim and Victoria said...

I like 4 o'clocks, but possibly because they actually bloomed for me this year and I'll take any color I can get at this point.
Love your shots of them!

Genie said...

Hi Victoria!

Oh, please, as if your garden is lacking color and beauty?

I don't remember seeing pix of them on your blog. Have you put them on there?

Jean Levert Hood said...

I love 4 oclocks!! It reminds me of the fence on the back of our place as a child. Yes, I admit the plant gets a bit unruly.

Genie said...

Our yard seems destined for unruliness.

Since Wes planted so many 4 O'Clock seeds in our only flower bed, I fear I'll never ever get them all out if I want to plant something more attractive like lantana. Lantana I love, Wes hates it. Go figure.

I can almost see the 4 O'clocks on your back fence and you running around as a child barefoot and wild! A little artist to be.