Monday, September 1, 2008

Thank you Bo Yin!

I have the most delightful, precious friend in Taiwan named Bo Yin. We met online over a year ago, I think, and have been email pals ever since. She's a college student, an artist, a seamstress, and she has bunnies for pets (they're so cute!). She made me some blog awards for my birthday! One for this blog and one for my Texas Cook blog. I love them. Thank you Bo Yin!

She made the camera herself, as well as the rest of the gif. I have no idea how she did it. But she said: An amazing thing is I drew them merely using Microsoft Word and Window’s Painter (not Adobe Painter). I didn’t know Word can be so powerful in drawing before. I drew your camera by Word which was too amazing for me............ how’s your birthday cake?

Well, Bo Yin, my birthday cake came out as good as can be expected from a girl who, even though she worked in a bakery for a year, never learned to decorate cakes with any skill at all. It's just a Duncan Hines cake mix covered with a grocery store brand of icing (I recently discovered that HEB's Hill Country Fare chocolate icing is REALLY good!) but I turned it into a tort by cutting each of the two layers in half and putting icing and ground walnuts in between them. Oh, and I added a bit of coffee extract to the cake mix. I used almost three cans of icing on this thing!

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