Sunday, September 7, 2008

I locked myself in my closet tonight to shoot these.

The one above is my favorite because I could see my camera's lens reflected twice inside the glass.

If one must compare the one above and the two below to body parts, I suggest ovaries.


The light in this one reminded me of the sun's bright, golden light from the horizon at sunset.

What you are seeing in all of these photos is one glass ball reflected (except in the first shot) against the inside of my solar cooker's reflector panels. A small LED light thingie that randomly oscillates between different colored bulbs provided the light

See them all by clicking here.


Jean Levert Hood said...

these are amazing, Genie!! I love the brightly colored ones. Looks like you're having great fun!

Genie said...

It was definitely fun. Couldn't really do any proper composition with it, but it was still fun. I loved the light.