Thursday, August 28, 2008

Self-Portrait--Celebrating 100 posts!

When it comes to having my photograph taken, I've begged, pleaded, and threatened my friends and family to leave me out of the shot. If I see a camera that I'm not holding, I run the other way. Before I got sick I was thin and fit. But due to Lyme Disease, a lagging thyroid, fibromyalgia, and the inability to exercise to any real effect, those days are far behind me. I never liked being photographed but in the past I'd at least suck it up and allow myself to be photographed at family gatherings and such. It doesn't help that I have a lazier-than-ever eye. I detest seeing photos of myself with that wonky eye staring off at who knows what.

But today I decided to experiment a little bit with photographing myself. I didn't take the time for proper makeup, to set up a good background, or arrange any good light, hence the graininess in a couple of these shots. Maybe next time. Mostly I was just playing. Does anyone know how to Photoshop away the bags under the eyes?

DANG! This is my 100th blog entry! Woot! What a perfect entry for numero cien!


Dream Lover said...

You are glamorous! LOVE your hair!

Genie said...

Thanks, Laura!

I seem to have become unsubscribed to your blog. Just subscribed again. I've missed a lot of entries! Kitchen done yet?

Darbee said...

You are amazingly beautiful!! I have always thought so!

Genie said...

Hi Darbee!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're kind, thanks. Prejudiced, but kind. And I've got a few amazingly beautiful photos of you!

So, when you gonna start putting your photos on Photobucket or some place so I can come look at them? Do some super macro shots of office supplies or something when you have a free moment! Oh, my, you're gonna have some great shots of wheat, aren't you?

Dream Lover said...

The kitchen is done... I'll send you a photo via email. I'm trying to keep my blog strictly dreams and psychotherapy.

I finally figured it out: you remind me of Mia Tyler.

Bob Johnson said...


Genie said...

Laura: I look forward to that photo! I noticed you had removed the personal posts and understood why. I need to come by more often, fascinated as I am by dreams! I love your insights. Thanks for the nice compy! Mia Tyler is quite lovely!

Bob: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!