Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Mangler

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I went "home" to Tow, Texas this weekend. It's not really home, but it's where Grandma lives and I guess if I had to say I have a hometown then Tow would be close to that. On my way home tonight I drove by The Mangler in Knippa, TX. I've been driving by this monster for 20+ years now. I've watched it change and evolve over the years. I wish I had shot it when bits of it were still made of wood and it was rickety and badly lit. It was truly creepy looking then. But The Mangler a.k.a. The Child Snatcher, which is really Knippa Traprock Quarry, is still rather creepy a sight in the middle of the night.

And now I shall make myself go to bed. Much as I'd like to do some more photo-editing, I'm exhausted! In fact, a close inspection of the last photo proves I shouldn't be editing photos this late at night.

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Jean Levert Hood said...

it's amazing how different this looks at night!!