Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blah photo day

Didn't manage to get much on camera today that's very interesting to look at and although I did get to see an Indigo Snake while walking around on Fort Clark Springs, I didn't get a very good picture of her. She was too alert. I think she was around four feet long. Fort Clark is all of about five minutes from my house and all of the pictures I took here were shot there today. If you enlarge the first photo (by clicking it) and look closely, you can see that the Indigo is looking back at me.

Creepy crawlies seemed to be today's theme. These ants were really hard to shoot without a macro lens. And their color and animation is totally lost in this pic, which just sucks. They were so industriously breaking down this little piece of vegetation. I wish I could have shot them better!

This is Las Moras Creek, said to have the power of baptizing you each time you cross it. If so, then we were baptized a good six or eight time today. If you look close at the image above, you can see the buzzards roosting. They LOVE this spot and it seems like there are always two or three dozen buzzards in these old, dead trees.

Link to today's pix.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Genie, I love the shots of the Fort Clark area where the creek and buzzards are! I love that place. It's straight out of a horror movie, dead trees, dozens of buzzards, creeeepy!

Genie said...

Thanks Jean!

I want to go back and shoot that snake! She seemed to have her little area picked out and was sticking to it. Such a pretty reptile.

I don't know why the buzzards roost there, seems so odd. I couldn't get them to even turn and look at me. They could care less about humans..... reminded me of cats a bit.